Please find below the prices of our most common fees.  These prices are correct to March 2024


Initial Consultation Fee     £47.50

Repeat Consultation Fee     £43.50 (Please note that a Fee is charged for each consultation with the Vet)

Nail Clip     £25

Empty Anal Glands     £25

Written Prescription Fee     £21


Dog Annual Booster     £47.50

Dog 1st Vaccination     £47.50

Dog 2nd Vaccination     £42.50

Dog 3rd Parvo Vaccination     £25.50

Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination     £39.50

Cat Annual Booster Vaccination Indoor Cat     £47.50

Cat 1st Vaccination Indoor Cat     £47.50

Cat 2nd Vaccination Indoor Cat     £35

Cat Annual Booster Vaccination Outdoor Cat     £62

Cat 1st Vaccination Outdoor Cat     £62

Cat 2nd Vaccination Outdoor Cat     £40

(Indoor vaccines cover for flu and enteritis, Outdoor vaccines cover for flu, enteritis and Leukaemia)

Rabbit annual Myxomatosis & VHD     £61.20


Female Cat Speying     £130

Male Cat Castrating     £93.50

Female Dog Speying     £335-£430 (dependant on weight)

Female Dog Laparoscopic Spey     £681-£830 (dependant on weight)

Male Dog Castrating     £280-£385 (dependant on weight)

Female Rabbit Speying     £161

Male Rabbit Castrating     £130

Dental Work

Dental work ranges from scaling and polishing to major dental work involving multiple extractions.  A more accurate estimate would be given once your pet has been examined. 

Cats     £285-£630

Dogs     £348-£820 (dependant on weight)