Beechwoods Vets and VetPartners are constantly checking our prices to make sure that we are in line, and that the price we charge is fair, and covers all costs involved in operations and treatments undertaken at the Practice. 

We are unable to list all our prices on but website but please find below the prices of our most common fees.  Estimates for all other procedures will be provided at your appointments.

These prices are correct from March 2024.


Initial Consultation Fee     £48.50

Repeat Consultation Fee     £45.50 (Please note that a Fee is charged for each consultation with the Vet)

Nail Clip     £26.50

Empty Anal Glands     £26.50

Written Prescription Fee     £22.50


Dog Annual Booster     £48.50

Dog 1st Vaccination     £48.50

Dog 2nd Vaccination     £45.00

Dog 3rd Parvo Vaccination     £27.50

Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination     £45.00

Cat Annual Booster Vaccination Indoor Cat     £48.50

Cat 1st Vaccination Indoor Cat     £48.50

Cat 2nd Vaccination Indoor Cat     £37.50

Cat Annual Booster Vaccination Outdoor Cat     £65.00

Cat 1st Vaccination Outdoor Cat     £65.00

Cat 2nd Vaccination Outdoor Cat     £42.50

(Indoor vaccines cover for flu and enteritis, Outdoor vaccines cover for flu, enteritis and Leukaemia)

Rabbit annual Myxomatosis & VHD     £65.00


Female Cat Speying     £140

Male Cat Castrating     £100

Female Dog Speying     £355-£455 (dependant on weight)

Female Dog Laparoscopic Spey     £705-£905 (dependant on weight)

Male Dog Castrating     £300-£410 (dependant on weight)

Female Rabbit Speying     £165

Male Rabbit Castrating     £135

Dental Work

Dental work ranges from scaling and polishing to major dental work involving multiple extractions.  A more accurate estimate would be given once your pet has been examined. 

Cats     Scale and Polish Only   £291

              If Extractions needed   £478-670

Dogs     Scale and Polish Only £348 to £396 (dependant on weight)

                If Extractions needed £520 to £870 (dependant on weight)