Cat Friendly

We are committed to treating all of our patients as our own, but this can be sometimes a bit more challenging when it comes to our feline friends!

Our approach to your cat's health and wellbeing has always been to the highest standard, as we understand that your cat has specific needs and requirements when it comes to their health and interaction with other humans and cats.

We are proud to say that in February 2023, our Temple House practice was awarded a Silver Accreditation from the International Society of Feline Medicine.

This means that we can offer a more specialised service to your cat. We have a cat-only waiting area, with a parking cubicle and blankets for each basket. We have a cat-only consultation room – Sorbet's room.  When your cat needs to be hospitalised for further treatment, we have a cattery, designed to allow your cat a much-needed quiet area for a speedy recovery.

Our cat consulting room is equipped with cat-only equipment, such as scales, stethoscope and a blood pressure machine. Cat pheromones are always plugged in to ensure our feline friends feel relaxed and at home. We often use blankets and towels on our examination table to make our cats feel more comfortable. Alongside these facilities, we have a range of different treats and biscuits available at all times. 

Our cattery ward is also well stocked with equipment for our cats. Each cat cubicle is furnished with a nice, comfortable bed, a cat house to allow the animal some privacy, a litter tray, toys and ceramic or metal food and water bowls. Feline pheromones are used and plugged in at all times in our cattery. We also play in the background cat-friendly classical music!

Catarina and Charly are our cat-advocates. They are wholeheartedly passionate about feline patients, and they always go above and beyond to ensure that your cat feels comfortable and happy when they come to visit us. 

Catarina and Charly actively promote cat-friendly approaches and techniques. To ensure everyone is familiar with cat handling techniques, they often provide further in-house training on cat-friendly techniques and approaches.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions, or if you need any further support with your cat.