Saying goodbye to loved pet is always a difficult and emotional decision. We would like to give you some general information about what you can expect and the different options available. Please feel free to call the surgery with any questions or queries.

At Beechwood Vets we offer the following:

  1. Home Euthanasia – Some people find that their pets are more relaxed and comfortable at home and would prefer us to visit your home. Home visits can usually be arranged for around 12pm Monday to Friday. Alternative times may be arranged but these are dependent on the availability of a Veterinary Surgeon and Nurse, or
  2. Euthanasia at the Surgery – This is done with as minimal stress to your pet and yourself as possible and we will try to organise these appointments at a quiet time so that we can take as much time as needed and the waiting room will not be busy.

What Will Happen? – The majority or cats and dogs will have a small amount of hair clipped from their front leg. They are then given an intravenous injection (into the vein) of an overdose of anaesthetic.  Once the injection is in the vein the procedure is quick, a few seconds at most. The injection is completely painless but occasionally some pets will object to being held or to the noise of the clippers. If they do show any sign of distress we can give them a sedative before administering the overdose of anaesthetic. This takes a little longer (up to 10 minutes) but can make the procedure less stressful for the few pets that do get stressed.

What Happens to My Pet Next?
We use the services of Pet Cremation services in Doncaster and find them very caring and professional. They will collect your pets body from us and, if requested, return the ashes to the surgery. They offer several different options:

  1. Communal Cremation – Your pet is cremated and a small token of the cremains are scattered at the cemetery. You do not get the options to have the ashes returned to you.
  2. Individual Cremation – Your pet is cremated individually and you have the following options:
    • cremains returned to you within a scatter container
    • cremains returned to you within a wooden casket with an engraved name plate
    • remains returned to you in an Urn (different options available)
    • remains returned to you in a Bamboo casket
  3. Burial– You may wish to take your pet home to bury.

It is very normal to find the loss of a pet very difficult. If you feel you need some extra support please contact the surgery or alternatively call the Pet Bereavement Support Service on 0800 096 6606 or visit